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Door Painting and Door Staining in the Worcester, MA area

You can find a lot of information online about how to paint your doors. However, one of those articles describes it as "the ultimate painter's challenge." Door painting and door staining are not like painting a wall in your Worcester, MA area home. It's a process - one that we would highly encourage you to give us a call at Vieiras Home Improvement to take on for you. There are a lot of variables and using certain tools and techniques can make the difference between your door or doors turning out exactly like you were hoping for or as a DIY gone wrong.

When it comes to door painting and door staining in the Worcester area, the first and maybe most important step is always the prep work. Cleaning the door well and then sanding it down are the start. Doors tend to suffer some nicks and scratches that you won't find on other surfaces. Dealing with them in the right way can be tricky.

When you ask us to paint your door or doors, we'll usually ask you to consult with us on the paint. Many homeowners prefer a glossy or at least semi-gloss paint for a front door. What's most important is that the right paint is chosen for the right type of surface so that the paint will cover the surface very well and look good.

For the staining of doors, applying the stain requires careful attention. Consistency, speed and completeness can all be factors in how good the stained door looks. You can be sure that the professional painters at Vieiras Home Improvement will take the proper care in matching up your door to the look you want to see.

If it's time for a door painting or a door staining project at your home in Worcester, Bloomingdale, Shrewsbury, Millbury, Leicester or a neighboring area, give the experienced painting experts at Vieiras Home Improvement a call at 508-215-4970 or request a free estimate via our web form.

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